fiji adventure cruise diningTui Tai Expeditions, the premier adventure experience in the South Pacific, where you will visit remote beaches, snorkel over incredible reefs, kayak to local villages, and experience the most breathtaking locations across Northern Fiji. Tui Tai Expeditions takes guests to places they never imagined, the natural beauty of Fiji, and the kindness and warmth of the Fijian people.

Travel with the Best – Tui Tai is the only expedition vacation provider in the South Pacific featured in National Geographic’s annual “Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth” survey.

Gain Exclusive Access – Tui Tai is large enough to afford guests consummate luxury, yet small enough to sail to remote locations where other, large boats simply won’t fit. Take the Ringgold Islands, a scattered series of tiny volcanic atolls with beautiful sandy beaches and black rocks. You’ll hike to the summit in the morning and kayak within the crater in the afternoon, a remote travel experiences accessible only wit the Tui Tai.
Visit Fiji’s Underwater Wonderland – Tui Tai knows of more than a few prime spots to drop anchor and grab the diving gear, and tend to keep their exact whereabouts a closely-guarded secret. Lonely Planet Travel Guide raved, “[Tui Tai’s] snorkeling and diving sites are some of the world’s best.”
Travel Across the Seas in the Comfort of Home – After 5 nights, you’ll agree that the service is second to none. A gourmet menu prepared fresh daily in the outdoor kitchen, mealtime excursions to done on deserted beaches or in lush rainforests, full bar, housekeeping and laundry, professional spa treatments and yoga sessions under the clear blue South Pacific skies – it’s all available for your enjoyment.

Make Each Day as Active as You Like, Then Recover in High Style – Tui Tai’s itinerary is about both island-style adventure and relaxation. Tui Tai is not really a classic luxury trip; however they believe in 5-star service and wellness to compliment an active experience. When it’s time to be active, kayaking, standup paddling, hiking, snorkeling, biking, diving and more are available. Time to unwind? Try the on-board spa, daily yoga, or even an on-island massage in front of stunning waterfalls or a meditation session atop a volcanic crater.

Experience Local Culture Firsthand – Guests are provided unprecedented access to three distinct societies in the Pacific Cultural Triangle of islands, affording a glimpse into the historically rich stories and daily lives of the Polynesian, Micronesian and Melanesian cultures. Rather than simply being escorted along as a typical tourist would, you’ll be part of an ongoing mission to improve the lives of locals, affording you a unique opportunity to experience the real Fiji and her people.

Leave You Credit Card at Home – On a Tui Tai expedition, the crew want you to experience everything; relax and forget about process while you’re on-board. Package prices have been designed to be all inclusive for what you want. You can book your package to include all meals and adventure activities, and all bar beverages, and spa treatments and yoga sessions, and all scuba-dives, dive gear and dive courses. It’s as all inclusive as YOU want it to be, so get the best price and all the service you want. Once aboard, just sit back, relax and let the crew handle the details. Simply enjoy the experience to its fullest.

The following packages are available, please ask for rates:
10 Night Tropical Indulgance Package
10 Night Waterfalls and Walls Package
10 Night Tropical Oasis Package
10 Night Hidden Paradise Package
12 Night Romance the Stone Package
12 Night Active Spa Fiji Package

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