Dawn Sansom Myers

Dawn Sansom Myers

Travel Specialist: New Zealand, Australia, Fiji

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I am originally from England but lived in the Cayman Islands, Caribbean for 10 years and spent a lot of time travelling the area and quenching my thirst for travel. After leaving the Caribbean I took a year off to travel … which turned into three … I spent months camping on safari in six countries in Africa, backpacked my way across South America, revisited my favorite parts of Europe and spent a year travelling overland through South East Asia before arriving in Australia. I loved being Down Under and spent a year in various cities in tourist areas, more remote locations and visiting family. I then moved to the USA, got married on a private island off Mexico and I now live a slightly quieter life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with my husband and three rescue doggies. I have always loved traveling and have visited over 50 countries worldwide along with having lived in Europe, Caribbean, Asia, Australia and the USA. I have spent some awesome time in Fiji, visiting 26 resorts, and have a passion for the country and wonderful, friendly people. I’ve also traveled extensively in New Zealand doing wonderful self-drive tours and train journeys the length of the country and absolutely love this beautiful, natural part of the world. (check out my itinerary). I feel very lucky to have seen and done so much in so many different countries round the world and love to share my experiences and knowledge with clients to ensure they get the most out of their trips too.


Hi Dawn,
I just wanted to let you know that we had an amazing time on both segments of our trip. New Zealand was incredible and we loved the towns we visited, we felt like the scenery just kept getting better and better every turn, even when we thought we’d seen it all something new was around every corner. We were very glad we got to see so much even though we were in a hurry, next time we’re definitely going to need 2 weeks. We ended up walking up to both Fox and Franz Josef glaciers rather than taking a tour and that was good enough for us. We did a flight in Kaikora to see whales (and did see a whale) rather than boat, which was also great. Every city we visited we’re glad we went and would definitely go back! Fiji, in particular Toberua, was amazing. We loved the island and that it did not have a resort feel, the people were incredible and really made the stay so nice (I’m still missing them). The food was actually the best food we’ve ever had anywhere, even in the states or Europe. Our bure was perfect… Thank you so much for helping us with the trip plans and the bookings! Stina
Bula Dawn,
We returned from Fiji last week, and I have to say, it was absolute PARADISE! Thank you so much for making all the arrangements. Our journey from Nadi to Blue Lagoon aboard the sea plane was a wonderful way to start the week and very memorable. The staff at Blue Lagoon were extremely friendly and accommodating. We loved everything about the resort and would certainly go back. Thank you again for all your help in arranging our trip and even making some last minute changes for the sea plane. We truly enjoyed every minute and can’t wait to go back.
Thanks again and have a nice weekend.
Bula Dawn,
I just wanted to let you know we are back from Fiji. It was absolutely the most awesome trip! Bouma falls was phenomenal. The food was great and the resort [Paradise Taveuni] in general was everything I hoped it was and more. I want to thank you for easing the process of booking. I am truly glad I trusted in your judgment as it was exactly as you described. It even rained … while we were there but it NEVER affected our day or plans! I did eventually go scuba diving, although I only did it once. The pool splash got me geared up and then I went out on Vuna Reef with an instructor. The dive was well worth it. We made so many friends while there as well! I want so badly to go back, and I am so reluctant to start working again. It was simply the perfect getaway. When we decide to go back (and you can count on it we will!) we will definitely book through Journey Pacific again. Chloe
Thanks, Dawn Sansom Myers, for helping us execute a very complex and highly customized trip to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. 11 flights, 12 accommodations, 3 ferries, 9 transfers and 2 rental cars. Other than that, it was simple :). The Outback tour and black water rafting trip you recommended in NZ were particularly awesome! John Bates

Subject: Thank You for a Wonderful Honeymoon!
Hello Dawn,
I hope all is well.
I just wanted to send one final email thanking you for all your hard work making Todd and my honeymoon so special!
We loved Qamea. Everyday was a piece of paradise! We’ve already written the staff to thank them for such an unforgettable stay.
Sydney was wonderful too! The Sir Stamford was elegant and in a perfect location. And the animal reserve/winery tour day trip was certainly a highlight.
We had some issues returning home due to a flight cancellation, but thanks to our trip insurance (recommended by you) we’ve just been fully refunded for the cost of the new tickets we needed to buy.
It was an unforgettable honeymoon and we owe all the hard work to you. You were so communicative, helpful, and thoughtful in all of your work with us.
We appreciate your effort and wanted to say thank you.